Sexual abuse —and the aftermath of it— is not a life sentence. It can be hard to come forward and ask for help after experiencing sexual violence, but counseling can make a huge difference and bring healing.

Many survivors of sex abuse experience psychological effects that can impact their lives. Anxiety, depression, isolation, and post-traumatic stress disorder are common outcomes. This experience can also lead to sleep disorders, eating disorders, substance abuse, and even suicide. (RAINN, NSVRC)

Counseling can interrupt these negative outcomes and offer a new life for survivors of trauma. By taking charge of the healing process, it is possible to move out of the fog and start enjoying life again.


The biggest hurdle to getting help for many people is moving past feelings of guilt, shame, and the fear of talking about the abuse and its effects. If you have experienced sex abuse, it is NOT your fault! Seeking help is the first step to a healthy future, so reach out today and let us help you move toward a new life!

If you have been abused, you need crisis support. Call the national sexual abuse hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE, and then contact us for more help. If you do not feel comfortable making a phone call, you may also chat online with a representative by clicking here.